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The Homecoming (adapted)

Conceptual Set & Costume Design

Carne Studio Theatre, LAMDA, 2024

Original Play Writer - Harold Pinter

Director & Adaptor - Haiqing Liang

Set & Costume - Yijing Chen

Ruth is a woman who explores power dynamics in her husband's all-male household. Her struggle for power in a patriarchal system has similarities to the experiences of East Asian women struggling in a white male-dominated industry. Within the Western male gaze, Eastern women are labelled and objectified. By "conquering" Oriental women as a proof of "conquest" of the Orient, sex is used as a weapon of domination by the masculinist.

This “The Homecoming”, set in contemporary Britain, recasts the family butchery business as a small pornographic film studio, adapting the play around the theme of sexual racism. Ruth will be cast as a British East Asian while the male characters are white. The characters' relationships remain unchanged with added racial context.

In-the-round set design immerses the audience in the multifaceted experience of being a racial victim, which also allows the audience to experience how this “invisible” prejudice transcends pornography and affects the daily lives of East Asian women.

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