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Death of England;
Death of England
 - Delroy

Conceptual Set & Costume Design

Carne Studio Theatre, LAMDA​, 2023

Writer -  Roy Williams & Clint Dyer

Director - Joshua Robertson

Set & Costume - Yijing Chen

Michael is a white working-class Englishman and his friend, Delroy is a black working-class man of Jamaican heritage. Each give a monologue about their lives and encounters that metaphorically address issues of identity, race and class in Britain today. Slavery, colonization, migration and various political topics are mentioned in their speech.


What makes up Britain today? What leads to contradictions and conflicts between people? “History” may be the answer to these questions. In a warehouse-like space, historical documents, objects and videos are packaged or displayed. How should we face these histories?

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