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Set Design

ADC Theatre​, Cambridge, 2024

Producer - Jiayao Jiang

Writer - Cao Yu

Director - Yizhen Wu

Technical Director - Angus Cha

Set - Yijing Chen

Costume - Anqi Fang, Yihan Wei

Projectionist – Blaise Mo, Molin Liu

Lighting -  Shiyun Liang, Tungsten Tang

Photographer - Ada Su Tuna, Xinyue Ma

Adapted from the renowned play Thunderstorm by Cao Yu, often hailed as the ‘Shakespeare of the East’, this play stands as a milestone in the development of mature Chinese modern theatre.


‘All is submerged in the ruthless well of the cosmos.’


There emerges an icebound affair traced for thirty years, and there submerges a successional withering of love and desire. On a hot summer day, an unexpected woman returned with an erupted thunderstorm to Zhou’s residence looking for her daughter, and discovering her beloved girl involved with the family’s young master. The wheels of fortune rotate, reeling off every secret hidden beneath the luxurious house…

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