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​Clocks 1888 - the Greener

Conceptual Set & Costume Design

Hackney Empire Theatre


Libretto - Dominic Hingorani

Composition - Martin Ward

Director - Dominic Hingorani & Rachana Jadhav

Set & Costume - Yijing Chen

In 1888, an East End clock tower was not only the beating heart of the then-industrial but also a constant operating machinery that created benefits for the upper classes by exploiting the lower classes.

A spherical structure clock tower whose shape remains the same no matter how it is rotated. Several levels in the structure visualize the heights of the four characters' social status or spirituality.

C development.jpg
A1S1 Author sketches.jpg
Greener works on equations.jpg
Clocks 1888_edited.jpg
A1S5 time goes out.jpg
A2S1 Coster sells time.jpg
A2S4 clock goes down.jpg
Clock costume.jpg
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